Long talk (45 minutes) Speakers
Deconstruction of the DAM hat Enrico Zini
debian.social BoF highvoltage
Bits from the DPL highvoltage
Scalable Support for Linux Users: A Guide for Overwhelmed SysAdmins Shannon Brady
Interoperability and the metaverse: Positioning Debian in the emerging ecosystem Bernelle Verster
What's new in APT this decade? Julian Andres Klode
Consfigurator: declarative configuration management in Common Lisp Sean Whitton
Build Debian based embedded images in the cloud Manuel Traut
Building the Cooperative Community Cloud with Debian Elimar Riesebieter
Debian Brazil: What's going on with our local communities Daniel Lenharo de Souza, et al.
DebConf Committee BoF Stefano Rivera, et al.
OpenPGP Web-of-Trust: A way forward? Gunnar Wolf
Riding on a Train with Debian? Jan Kiszka
Arm ports update Wookey
What's new in the Linux kernel (and what's missing in Debian) Ben Hutchings
Lightning Talks Nattie Mayer-Hutchings
Fonts! In! Space! By Which I Mean Designspace! Nathan Willis
Running Debian Desktop in Containers Dashamir Hoxha
How Can We, Help You, Help Us, Help You...Help Us...Help You? Ryan Ware
How Ubuntu and Debian GNOME work better together Jeremy Bicha
Debian, the project, and the community mindset in Africa Christian Nzhie
ReproducibleBuilds for Bullseye, Bookworm and beyond - where we come from and where we are going Holger Levsen
LXQt Team Bof Andrew Lee
An introduction to V - the vlang Erdet Nasufi
Sequoia-PGP, v5 OpenPGP, Authentication, and Debian Justus Winter
Fast Track repository for delivering fast paced projects Praveen Arimbrathodiyil
Installing Gitlab on Debian using packages from the FastTrack repository. Raju Devidas
Introduction to setting up the Debian Packaging Development Environment Raju Devidas
pristine-lfs: a robust replacement for pristine-tar using Git LFS Andrej Shadura
My All-round Experience with Debian Caleb Adepitan
Solving "How Can I Run Debian on My Chromebook?" For Good Alper Nebi Yasak
Digital Activism using Free Software Radhika
Meet the Host: DebConf in the Innovation and Training Park (ITP) Prizren Simon Floeth
Opening Ceremony EnkelenaH, et al.
Closing ceremony EnkelenaH, et al.
Live Demos Nattie Mayer-Hutchings
DebConf Travelogue Nattie Mayer-Hutchings & highvoltage
Debian Brasil BoF Paulo Henrique de Lima Santana
spontaneous cross bulding bof Helmut Grohne
Youth visit Jonas Smedegaard, et al.
Contributing with Debian translations Paulo Henrique de Lima Santana
Short talk (20 minutes) Speakers
How Collabora's sysadmins use Debian Paulo Henrique de Lima Santana
SystemReady IR for Debian installation on imx8m boards. Ying-Chun Liu
Hello from keyring-maint Jonathan McDowell
What is DPKG_ROOT? And what is it not? Helmut Grohne
Building a busybox-based Debian rootfs with mmdebstrap Nobuhiro Iwamatsu & Kazuhiro Hayashi
debian/copyright improvement Nobuhiro Iwamatsu & Kazuhiro Hayashi
State of the Data Protection team Jonathan McDowell
Continuous Key-Signing Party introduction Gunnar Wolf & Jonathan McDowell
Next steps for HA in Debian Lucas Kanashiro
What's New in GNOME 42 Jeremy Bicha
How we are building our local community Arthur Diniz, et al.
My expedition of Podman with Debian akshat
Outreachy Project: Yarn plugin to resolve node modules installed as Debian packages via apt Ajayi Olatunji O.
Best approaches to attract new users - how to engage your auntie around Debian and Free Software Igor Garcia
debuginfod.debian.net: current status and next steps Sergio Durigan Junior
The current state of Debian on smartphones Guido Günther
I want a pony! And someone should give me one Heather White, et al.
BoF (45 minutes) Speakers
Python Team BoF Louis-Philippe Véronneau
Lenovo Linux 2022 Mark Pearson
Meet the Technical Committee Sean Whitton, et al.
Debian Science BoF Anton Gladky
DebConf 25: In your city? Stefano Rivera, et al.
DebConf23 BoF Stefano Rivera, et al.
use Perl; # Annual meeting of the Debian Perl Group gregor herrmann & Nick Morrott
Local Teams BoF Nattie Mayer-Hutchings
Community Team BoF Steve McIntyre
Fixing the firmware mess Steve McIntyre
Debian installer and images team BoF Steve McIntyre
Investigating a tier system for Release Architectures Paul Gevers
autopkgtest office hours Paul Gevers & Antonio Terceiro
Ruby team BoF Lucas Kanashiro
GNOME metapackage reorganization Jeremy Bicha
Debian Long Term Support BoF Anton Gladky & Utkarsh Gupta
Android tools BoF Roger Shimizu
Live Coding for art, sound and visuals Joenio Marques da Costa
Outreach Team BoF Pranav & Sruthi Chandran
Debian Derivatives BoF Raju Devidas
pkg-config / pkgconf BoF Andrej Shadura
Diversity Team round table Rhonda D'Vine
Open Mic & Poetry Night Rhonda D'Vine
Debian Art BoF Abraham Raji
Best practice of using porterbox Roger Shimizu
Debian India BoF Abraham Raji
Debian Academy BoF Jonathan Bustillos
Debian Hamradio BoF Christoph Berg
GNU/Linux Adoption Policy Arianit Dobroshi
Puppet 7 packaging BoF Thomas Goirand
Workshop (2h) Speakers
Making sound and music with Live Coding: First steps on Debian Joenio Marques da Costa
DebConf bursary team BoF Daniel Lange & Utkarsh Gupta
Help us find mentions of Debian online Enrico Zini
Other Speakers
Debian: Resistance is Futile Joenio Marques da Costa