Attendees with an accommodation bursary will be accommodated at the Innovation and Training Park.

The conference venue and accommodation facilities are both inside the Innovation and Training Park.


The bedrooms will be shared and will accommodate 2 people. The bathrooms are also shared. See these pictures of the facilities:

Wi-Fi will be available at the accommodation facilities.

Self-paid accommodation

DebConf is providing beds for people who want to pay for accommodation at ITP. The cost is 15 Eur/night. If you want a separate room just for yourself, the cost is 30 Eur/night. If number of rooms is filled, we will share that information here.


If you are looking for a hotel in Prizren here is a list:

You may book a room in nearby hotels or hostels in Prizren. If you don’t see any availability on their website, we’d suggest checking booking aggregator websites or contacting the hotel directly.