My All-round Experience with Debian

Speaker: Caleb Adepitan


Track: Community, diversity, local outreach and social context

Type: Long talk (45 minutes)

Room: Drini

Time: Jul 19 (Tue): 14:00

Duration: 0:45

My talk would be about my all-round experience with Debian within the space of three months of my Outreachy internship. My talk will touch the following points:

  1. I’d be talking about my general experiences with Debian, (1) as a software, (2) as a Debian contribuor, (3) while interacting with other community members.
  2. I’d also be sharing the knowledge I gained while I was an Outreachy intern working on the Webpack 5 & Node.js 16 Transitioning.
  3. I’d discuss the relationships I’ve established with community members, my mentors during the internship and my co-intern.
  4. I’d talk about aspects where I believe there could be improvements and/or developments (if any) and give time for Q&As if possible.

Thank you!