Riding on a Train with Debian?

Speaker: Jan Kiszka


Track: Embedded & Kernel

Type: Long talk (45 minutes)

Room: Drini

Time: Jul 19 (Tue): 11:00

Duration: 0:45

The nature of embedded devices is that they are generally hiding from their users. This is even more true for those that are part of our critical infrastructure. Therefore it is rarely publicly known what is actually running inside. At Siemens, we are developing a broad portfolio of such devices. A lot of them are using Linux these days - and an many of those are now Debian-based.

In this talk, we will try to lift the curtains a bit and present some Debian-based product examples, from small IoT gateways up magnetic resonance imaging solutions. We will talk about why Debian was chosen, how it is being integrated and maintained, what our engineers are happy about and where they see room for improvements. Furthermore, we will talk about which contributions to the Debian ecosystem evolved out of this already and how we want to do more.