The 23rd Debian Conference was held in Prizren, Kosovo from Sunday 17th to Sunday 24th July 2022.
DebCamp was held 10-16 July 2022.


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Really looking forward to attending my first in-person Debian conference in Kosovo this year. The team working on the Lenovo Linux program strongly believe in supporting the open source community as we work on enabling Linux on our certified platforms, and Debian is an absolute corner-stone of achieving that. We're proud to be sponsoring Debconf and I look forward to collaborating and learning more about Debian in person.

Mark Pearson - Technical lead, Lenovo Linux PC

I have attended several DebConfs and Mini-DebConfs and I find them to be great "roll up your sleeves" conferences. Starting off with DebCamp where people work together on pre-arranged project sprints and thinking about future features and practices of one of the oldest and most dynamic of GNU/Linux releases. After DebCamp is a week of presentations and discussions about Debian, suitably framed with good food and good beer (and good wine). DebConf is a force in the Free Software world, and I encourage everyone to attend if they can.