How we are building our local community

Speakers: Arthur Diniz & Gabriela Pivetta & Sérgio de Almeida Cipriano Júnior


Track: Community, diversity, local outreach and social context

Type: Short talk (20 minutes)

Room: Lumbardhi

Time: Jul 20 (Wed): 10:00

Duration: 0:45

Bring and engage people to be part of a local community it’s a real challenge. During the last 3 years inside our local community, called Debian Brasília located in the capital of Brazil, we learned a lot about how to keep people contributing and participating in our regular activities. In this talk, we are going to present the dynamic of our meetings, how we are keeping the communication alive between active members, and methods to engage new people, trying to help them in achieving their goals in the context of the Debian Project or free software in general. We will be sharing the mistakes we made and what changes we made to work around them.