Arm ports update

Speaker: Wookey


Track: Other

Type: Long talk (45 minutes)

Room: Lumbardhi

Time: Jul 18 (Mon): 14:00

Duration: 0:45

A look at what’s new (and old) in arm world. Arm64 is maturing as an architecture with a list of new features, and instructions. Some of them are interesting, but ABI-incompatible with the existing arm64 port and at some point we will have to think about whether there is anything that might be important enough to justify a new port. Meanwhile 32-bit arm is increasingly being relegated to embedded-world and our ports get harder to support as upstreams lose interest in baselines faster than we do. And there is the looming 2036 deadline for 32-bit time_t. We need to deal with that more or less immediately if we are going to. I’ll tell you what’s gone on so far and what I reckon we should do next. So this talk will be a bit of a romp through stuff that is going on with the arm ports, and hopefully inform people enough to have an intelligent discussion about the future.