Helmut Grohne

Helmut Grohne is a Debian Developer maintaining essentially no packages.
Instead, he focuses on archive-wide features such as initial architecture
bootstrap, cross building, reduction of essential size and some QA work. In that
process, he has sent more than 3700 patches and contributed to over 1800 source

Accepted Talks:

spontaneous cross bulding bof

People asked for a hands-on cross building session, so here it goes.

This session is about how to build packages on one CPU (say amd64 desktop) for a different CPU (say armhf RaspberryPi) and in particular on how to make it work when it does not. Basic packaging experience is to be expected, cross building experience is not expected at all. After a short introduction, the majority of time is allocated to your questions. Please do bring questions and packages that you’d like to be able to cross build.

Meet the Technical Committee

An opportunity to meet the members of the Debian Technical Committee who are in attendance at DebConf, hear the status of open issues, and discuss pending and future issues.

What is DPKG_ROOT? And what is it not?

A while ago dpkg gained a switch --force-script-chrootless and started setting a variable DPKG_ROOT when executing maintainer scripts. How does this work precisely? Why is it needed and under which circumstances? Why is it a --force flag? What changes are needed in packages to add support? Which packages should support it? How about backwards-compatibility? These questions are to be answered by this talk.