After 19 years in the project, I think I can start introducing myself as a "Debian old-timer", is that right?
I have been part of many packaging teams in the project. Nowadays, I do very little packaging; I am mostly responsible for the unofficial Raspberry Pi Debian images ( and related work.
I do wear several multi-person hats in Debian -- Member of the keyring-maint team, part of the Technical Committee, part of the DebConf Committee.

Accepted Talks:

Continuous Key-Signing Party introduction

One of DebConf’s recurring activities is the Key Signing Party. It helps Debian strengthen and expand its web of trust. This session will:

  • Explain how keysigning is done in a DebConf setting
  • Validate the SHA256 hash of the KSP coordination document
  • Explain how to participate to people who did not send their keys in time

Once DebConf is closer, we will link from this talk proposal to the relevant documents you should have in hand for the keysigning party.

Meet the Technical Committee

An opportunity to meet the members of the Debian Technical Committee who are in attendance at DebConf, hear the status of open issues, and discuss pending and future issues.

OpenPGP Web-of-Trust: A way forward?

The Debian project is one of the heaviest users of the OpenPGP Web-of-Trust (WoT): Not only we use OpenPGP keys as one of the main ways to identify to different parts of our infrastructure (mainly, package uploads and GR voting), we also give a lot of weight to the relations, the connectedness, the social graph that the WoT draws for us. The WoT is, however, under attack from many different flanks. Protocol vulnerabilities, a threat model not compatible with current regulations (GDPR, I’m looking at you), and an Internet much less naïve and forgiving than the one that existed in the early 1990s force us to reconsider how the WoT works and how we use it. I am doing my PhD work following this line of thought, and I want to share with the project my work so far. The work is quite far from finished (and I want to use your input to help me fill in the blanks).

DebConf Committee BoF

How is DebConf organization going, in general, across years?

What should we be investing time and energy in?

This is the DebConf committee’s annual in-person meeting at DebConf.