Welcome to DebConf22

July 13, 2022

Welcome to DebConf22, hosted at the ITP - Innovation and Training Park Prizren in Kosovo.

Please read the contents of this page and the Conference Venue page carefully. They contain important information about your travel to Prizren, and DebConf22.

Before departing for Prizren

Print this webapge and the relevant information in the web site (e.g. a venue map).

Check your data here and here, and report any errors and changes (including delays or cancellation) as soon as possible to registration@debconf.org

Familiarize yourself with the Codes of Conduct for both Debian and DebConf. If you are a victim of harassment, or observe it, you can contact community@debian.org or members of the on-site anti-harassment team who are recognizable by their conference badges.

For any other kind of problem, the Front Desk and Organisation team may be of help.

Check your travel documents. Will your passport remain valid for the duration of your stay? Do you have all necessary travel authorizations (such as a visa)?

Notify your bank that you’ll be travelling to Kosovo to avoid having your card(s) blocked.

Do you have travel insurance? Be sure to also check with your insurance if you’re covered for lost or stolen items, such as electronics.

Take a COVID-19 self-test, if you can get your hands on one. You wouldn’t want to infect other people at the conference or on the plane.

Cheese & Wine allowance:

On-site Accommodation

Check-in will be done at Front Desk, at the entrance to Drini, the main talk room in the concrete block. You just need to go there and give your name. They will know which room is assigned to you.

If you’re arriving later than 18:00, you need to contact Front Desk at least 24h in advance and pre-arrange check-in, otherwise no one will be available to give you your keys. The Front Desk phone number is below.

The venue provides basic bedding (bed sheets, blanket, pillow). The rooms contain 2 beds, a desk, a closet, and air conditioning.

You will need to bring personal toiletries, such as toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, shampoo, towels, and (optionally) slippers. A laundry service will be offered.

Most on-site attendees are sharing a room with others, so if you’re sensitive to noise when sleeping, consider bringing earplugs.

Read more about accommodation here

What to bring

An international adapter (if required) and power supplies for all your devices. Kosovo uses European Type-F sockets at 220V.

Summer clothes. It’s hot in Kosovo, but it’s also the rainy season. The temperature is expected to range from 10°C to 35°C. It may rain all day, so a raincoat and/or umbrella will be useful.

Don’t forget sunscreen if you plan to enjoy the outdoors.

Printed PGP/GPG fingerprint slips, if you want to have your key signed by your peers.

Arrival in Prizren

You can walk to the venue from the centre of Prizren, it’s about 2.5km, or take a taxi.

The main entrance to ITP is a large white security gate followed by a guard and booms. You can drive in, up to the venue buildings. Tell your taxi driver that it’s OK to drive in. If the gate is closed after hours, get the guard’s attention by honking / calling out.


Taxi from Prishtina International Airport to Prizren costs €55. Taxi from Prishtina International Airport to Prishtina costs €15

Taxi companies work 24/7. Taxis are quite inexpensive: you can get around the city for around €3.5. Starting price is €2.

Local names for the venue (ITP):

Taxi companies serving Prizren:

Prishtina Airport Arrival

You can buy local SIM cards at the airport (look for the IPKO store).

There is a public transport bus line from Prishtina International Airport to the Bus Station in Prishtina. http://www.limakkosovo.aero/public-transport

Take the hourly airport shuttle bus (Line 1A) to Prishtina Bus Station (€3).

Bus lines from Prishtina Bus Station to Prizren travel every 20 minutes (€5). The bus passes by the venue (ask to be dropped at Kampi Gjerman i KFOR-it).

If you end up at Prizren Bus Station or any other place around Prizren, taxis to the venue cost €2 - €2.5.

Tirana Airport Arrival

Tirana International Airport is 2:10 hrs by bus (163 km) away. Tirana - Prishtina bus stops by Tirana International Airport with a stopover in the periphery of Prizren, from which you may call a taxi. It costs €15 one way.

Skopje Airport Arrival

Your route will be: Airport shuttle to Skopje Bus Station (300 denar or €3), from there, a few direct buses go to Prizren. Skopje - Prishtina (€7) is more readily available and from there to Prizren every 20 minutes (€4). It will take 3-4 hrs altogether if connections work out optimally.

Kukës Airport Arrival

Get to the town of Kukës, from there vans (furgon) go regularly to Prizren.

Front Desk location

The Front Desk is located in the same concrete block building as Drini, the main talk room. Enter to the left of the “ITP > Prizren” sign. It is open from 10:00 to 18:00 daily.

If you run into any problems, you can call the DebConf 22 Front Desk at +383 49 284 591 (also on Signal).

Save this in your phone now.

Have a safe trip. We look forward to seeing you in Prizren!

The DebConf Team