Stefano Rivera

Accepted Talks:

DebConf23 BoF

We have the fine tradition of having DebConf N share their experiences with DebConf N+1. The DebConf committee will also be present and we invite a core member of every team to come around and help with the knowledge transfer.

The session will begin with a DebConf23 presentation.

DebConf 25: In your city?

Session to discuss possible locations for DebConf25!

DebConf 24 is planned to be held in Haifa, Israel. But we have no plans for DebConf25, yet.

DebConf Committee BoF

How is DebConf organization going, in general, across years?

What should we be investing time and energy in?

This is the DebConf committee’s annual in-person meeting at DebConf.