I'm from Brazil, I'm Debian Developer and I'm a member of Local Community Brasil and Translation Team Portuguse. I've contributed to the Publicity and the Website Teams. I work as Consultant Systems Administration Engineer at Collabora.
I'm a Free Software enthusiast and an organizer of Free Software events. I'm one of the leaders of the DebConf22 Bursaries Team.

Accepted Talks:

How Collabora's sysadmins use Debian

I will talk about my day by day working as sysadmin at Collabora, a global consultancy, specializing in delivering the benefits of Open Source software to the commercial world.

I will show free software and tools used by the sysadmin team.

Debian Brasil BoF

Reunion with brazilians to talk about Debian in Brazil.

Debian Brazil: What's going on with our local communities

As you could noted at DC19, Brazil is a big country, and because of this, it’s impossible to be organized inside a unique group.
Some states have created local groups to facilitate their local organization.
At this talk, we will present how our local communities are going on and what are the future prospects.

Contributing with Debian translations

I will show how you can contribute with Debian translations.

Let’s see how to start a translation in a few ways, including the Debian website and the Debian Description Translation Project (DDTP) for package descriptions.