Christian Nzhie

Accepted Talks:

Debian, the project, and the community mindset in Africa

Title: Debian, the project, and the community mindset in Africa The session is inspired by the Debian project, the team working on for several years on the volunteer basis and without relentless. Many projects start in communities in Africa but do not stand as such. What has made the Debian Project stands till date? The mindset and/or objectives are very different and the local context is nonetheless favorable to that.

The Audience of the session will mostly be: African communities We expect out of the session/talk, to get or impact the following: - Smart thoughts on how one of the best open source project is handled worldwide - Create more awareness on communities in Africa in order to embark on open source openly and purposefully. - Transform, re-energized communities so to be more active in Debian project as DD, DM, Translators, etc. - Instill strong zeal and determination on communities in order to rise and push Debian and any other community project forward, for open and free solution are on the rise and best fit for such environment.

What will you cover? In this session, I will covert the following 1. Best practices in open sources projects 2. The Management of an open source project 3. The management of Debian Project: What makes it one of the best Free and open source Software in the world? 3. Steps to implements within the African communities in order to foster and instill long standing open source development with openness, integrity and with development in focus.