Accepted Talks:

Debian: Resistance is Futile

This is a sound art performance using the live coding tool Tidal Cycles combined with visuals by the tool Le Biniou. Sounds and visuals, eventually experimental music, are going to be produced during the presentation live. (Duration: 20 min).

Making sound and music with Live Coding: First steps on Debian

This workshop is going to show the first steps on how to make sounds using live coding environments, live coding environments are sound engine synthesis usually controlled by source code evaluation live. The live coding environments presented on the workshop are Tidal Cycles and SuperCollider, and also some words about the tools Jack and PipeWire.

Important: Please bring your headphones.

Live Coding for art, sound and visuals

This is a call to people interested on live coding (to produce sound and visuals) to meet and discuss the topic in a free way, below some initial ideas: Share knowledge among us. Why? The tooling to setup a functional environment to produce sound and/or visuals are a little tricky, then, learn through real user cases would be great. Where is the Debian in the relationship between the Art and Science? * Are there any opportunities to improve Debian to be a bit more user friendly to Live Coding artists?