Holger Levsen has been a Debian user since over 25 years and an official Debian member since 2007. Since 2014 his main focus has been Reproducible Builds, though he is still involved in some other Debian areas like general QA and Debian Edu.

Accepted Talks:

ReproducibleBuilds for Bullseye, Bookworm and beyond - where we come from and where we are going

In this talk Holger Levsen will give an update on Reproducible Builds of Debian and beyond. He’ll briefly sum up the status in Bullseye, then present development goals and choices for Bookworm, what’s planned, being built and wished for!

Bookworm will be the fourth Debian release since work on Reproducible Builds of Debian has really started: we started with the beginning of the Stretch cycle, then continued with Buster and Bullseye, and this year we’re working on making Bookworm more reproducible, while already knowing we won’t be done once Bookworm will be released.

In this talk Holger will explain what exactly has been improved, where we are, why we still are not “there” yet (nor in 12 months) and what our immediate plans are. So come and see this talk!