Erdet Nasufi

Erdet Nasufi

Lead Electronics Engineer at Solaborate
Mainly working on electronics PCB/system design and coding using C & V.

Accepted Talks:

An introduction to V - the vlang


vlang is a new programming language which is under development. V is designed to be simple and maintainable, minimalist and safe on the other hand. In addition to being cross-platform, it can be used for system programming, networking, web development, gaming, GUI and tooling. For me, as a mainly C lover, integrability of V with C, is one of the things that I love the most. It is quite similar to Go with some improvements.

By being a simple language, the vlang gives the chance for programmers to develop starting from prototyping small tools and up to big maintainable applications. With this being said, I think it worth it to share an introduction of V (and integration with C) with the DebConf community. It would be a great opportunity for V to be present to debconfers in general, and developers in particular.

Since V is a new language and most likely, this is going to be the first presentation ever of the Vlang on the DebConf (and not only), I would start with: an introduction to V; going through basics of syntax; how to develop a module and integration with C.

Thank you, Erdet