I love doing technical work and I didn't have a chance to do much of it in Debian lately, so you'll likely hear me talk mostly about community related issues, despite how much I'd love to discuss how I think ansible should be redesigned.

In Debian I'm one of the Debian Account Managers.

Accepted Talks:

Help us find mentions of Debian online

I developed a tool to help find and archive mentions of Debian online, and we can use it to build a big repository of data about how we matter.

Join this workshop to see how it works, and help with the collection!

Deconstruction of the DAM hat

The role of Debian Account Managers has become the last resort for community issues that do not resolve themselves and I believe this is not healthy for Debian and for Debian Account Managers.

I will attempt to deconstruct the expectations and responsibilities that have been piling up on the DAM hat over the years, and figure out how many of them necessarily belong to DAM, and how many could be shared with more, or all, of our community.