Paul Gevers

Accepted Talks:

Investigating a tier system for Release Architectures

Some time ago John Paul Adrian Glaubitz proposed to take a different approach on how we handle release architectures by migrating to a tier system. I’d like to think about what would be needed to achieve that, as I believe it would make the Release Architecture Qualification process less painful. Obvious tools involved are dak and britney, which may need changes, but we believe this is more about aligning ideas that technical challenges. I’d like to come up with first draft of a list of (technical) requirements, involved teams and needed alignment.

autopkgtest office hours

autopkgtest is a test automation tool for Debian packages, is at the heart of the Debian Continuous Integration platform, and more importantly, a central part of the contemporary Debian release process and quality control efforts. Having more packages with autopkgtest support helps both package maintainers and the collective effort of making high quality Debian releases.

In this session we will help fellow maintainers with their questions about implementing or improving autopkgtest support for their packages. We like to hear your ideas about autopkgtest best practices and where you see room for improvement. So, in summary, if you want to learn about autopkgtest or want to discuss its use, please join.