I am full stack developer from India who also happens to be designer slash UI/UX person. I've been using GNU/Linux for over a decade and for the past seven years it's been my daily driver (no dual booting). I am very passionate about Debian and the community around it and I have been volunteering in Debian initiatives in India for the past four years.

More about me: https://abrahamraji.in/about

Accepted Talks:

Debian India BoF

Debian community in India has a long and diverse history. Earliest events date back to 2006 when various free software developers from India joined Debian under various roles. Due to this, Debian is partially/fully available in 11 local Indian languages. A number of events including MiniDebConf, release parties, Debian Utsav/Utsavam has helped grow the community. We recently hosted the online MiniDebConf India which had 48+ talks/events from 6 local languages under two tracks. We’re also getting ready to host the Debian community in DebConf 2023 scheduled to held in India. These events have given us the platform to publicize the use, adoption and contribution of Debian in India.

In this BoF we’ll have members of Debian India community coming together to discuss Debian community and it’s activities in India.

Debian Art BoF

An opportunity for artists and creators who currently use or is looking to move to free software tools to create art to come together and share perspectives. People who make posters for Debian events, participate in artwork contests for previous DebConfs and Debian releases, do music production using free software tools, doodle zines on Krita, run studios using free software tools and people who are just curious about this are all welcome here.