DPL emeritus and DD since 1996, Steve has been around in Debian since basically forever. Despite being old and forgetful, he still continues to try and help in a wide range of teams: the Community Team, the Images Team, d-i, EFI and more...

Accepted Talks:

Debian installer and images team BoF

Let’s come together and talk about d-i and debian-cd:

  • Current status
  • Future plans
  • User feedback

Fixing the firmware mess

In my opinion, the way we deal with (non-free) firmware in Debian is a mess, and this is hurting many of our users daily. For a long time we’ve been pretending that supporting and including (non-free) firmware on Debian systems is not necessary. We don’t want to have to provide (non-free) firmware to our users, and in an ideal world we wouldn’t need to. However, it’s very clearly no longer a sensible path when trying to support lots of common current hardware.

See https://blog.einval.com/2022/04/19#firmware-what-do-we-do for more…

Let’s get together to work on solutions.

Community Team BoF

Annual meeting for the Debian Community Team - let’s talk about what we do and how we do it!